Shirts Laundered

Men business shirts made out of cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/linen, and some 100% linen, are designed to be put on a shirt machine with a body, which automatically presses the item. The shirt will be finished at your request from no starch, light, medium or heavy.

Usually women’s shirts and blouses and kids sizes will not fit this machine and will be processed and priced as a dry clean item.


Dry Cleaning & Expert Stain Removal

Handled by the most skilled professionals in the area. We will do the best to safely remove the stains on your garments.

From the finest silk to regular cotton, your garments will look fresh and ready to wear.


Wedding Gowns Cleaning and Preservation

Our bridal gown service includes professional cleaning and intensive care by our specialists, and upon special request, preservation in a box to protect the gown from the effects of time and elements.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Our experts will ensure the preservation of the colors and texture of your garments while cleaning them under the specific instructions required for these items.

Recommendation: don’t put any sticker on your leather or suede garments to be cleaned, since this could damage the skin or leave a mark.


Household Items

We also pick up and deliver items such as blankets, sheets, comforters, table cloths, duvets covers, mattress covers, etc.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our helpful driver will go to your home, remove the area rug that needs to be cleaned and even will set it back in place after service for your convenience.


Put any pre-measured garment in a plastic bag along with your “Green Bag”. Include if necessary any special instructions with your order and we will follow them. We do hems, replace zippers, and sew buttons and small repairs. Allow one week for turnaround.

Shoe Repair

Just leave your shoes next to your order to be pick up with the special instructions either if you need a complete restoration or just a small repair.