How It Works

1. Set up

To set up your account sign-up on our secure website or call us at:


All major credit cards are accepted.

You can choose between our twice a week pickup and delivery service, or our “On-Call” program, which allows you to call us on an as-needed basis, for regular cleaning services or rushes.

2. Deliver

We will deliver you a starter containing:

* A waterproof “Green Bag” with a name tag (that way you will always have one bag at home to collect your clothes for cleaning).
* A delivery hook for your front door, costume stain stickers, and an Information packet.

On the day our driver is scheduled for your area, simply have your bag ready to pick up. If no one will be home, just leave the order outside on the designated area.

3. Cleaning

Your items will be examined for stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. Then invoiced and tagged and sent to processing professionally.

The clothes are then inspected and packaged to be delivered freshly cleaned on your next scheduled day.

The cleaning bill will be attached to your garments and will be charged on your credit card that we have on file after delivery.